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Fiction Editing Services

Welcome, writers!

I’m Leah, a freelance fantasy editor with an MFA in Creative Writing and a publishing certificate from the Denver Publishing Institute. While I primarily edit fantasy, I’m open to working on all genres of fiction. I edit both novel-length works and short stories.

When you hire a freelance editor, you’re hiring a person who will help you take your story—the one you’ve put so much time and care into—to the next level. If we’re a good fit, I promise to do everything in my power to help you create the best version of your story possible.

You could spend hours self-editing your work by picking up editing tips, getting books on editing, or even buying editing software to help you along with the task, and eventually work your way through the novel you already spent a good chunk of time writing. But after writing your novel, reading it over, and rereading it again to edit it, you probably know your story inside and out. You start skimming. You stop being careful.

And then, no matter how thorough, how careful you think you’ve been, you may miss an odd scene transition, a stray punctuation mark, an awkward shift in voice.

That’s where I come in. I’m here, offering my services so you have a fresh pair of eyes to look over your novel or short story, to catch those stray, awkward shifts you may have overlooked.

Note: I recommend waiting until your manuscript is as complete and as polished as you can make it on your own, before hiring a freelance editor.

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Developmental Editing

$0.03 per word

Also known as substantive editing. I’ll evaluate what is and isn’t working from a “big picture” perspective of the manuscript as a whole. This includes evaluating how these elements work within chapters as well. My overall goal for developmental editing is to make sure your story has a strong narrative arc your readers will want to follow, and interesting characters they’ll want to know.


Line Editing

$0.04 per word

My overall line editing goal is to strengthen your prose and creative content, and help your writer voice shine through. My hope is that, during our time together, you’ll gain insight into your writer voice for you to use in future projects.



$0.02 per word

This is like putting your manuscript under microscope for minute details. My overall goal for copyediting is to make sure the mechanics of your writing work. I will be following The Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.

*A detailed editorial letter will be included with each service.

**While you can choose each service individually or in combination, I don’t recommend choosing all three services at once unless you’re confident in the completeness of your manuscript.  

Types of Editing Rates

Developmental (or Substantive) EditingLine EditingCopyediting
$0.03 per word$0.04 per word$0.02 per word
*Same rates apply for short story edits.

**For more than one type of editing, add the rates per word together.

Calculating Rate: [Manuscript Word Count] x [Type(s) of Editing] = Total Price

Example 1: Calculating the Rate for Developmental Editing + Line Editing + Copyediting

Rate: [80,000 words] x [$0.03 + $0.04 + $0.02] = $7,200.00

Example 2: Calculating the Rate for Line Editing + Copyediting

Rate: [80,000 words] x [$0.04 + $0.02] = $4,800.00

Example 3: Calculating the Rate for Developmental Editing

Rate: [80,000 words] x [$0.03] = $2,400.00

Example 4: Calculating the Rate for Line Editing

Rate: [80,000 words] x [$0.04] = $3,200.00

Example 5: Calculating the Rate for Copyediting

Rate: [80,000 words] x [$0.02] = $1,600.00

Pay in Installments

It takes me about 30 business days to edit a full-length manuscript (this can vary, depending on word count). If you are unable to make the full payment upfront, we can split the payment into 2 installments. The first payment will act as a deposit, and I won’t start editing your manuscript until I receive it. The second installment can be paid within 7 business days after you receive your edited manuscript.

Submission Guidelines

I use Track Changes in Word to make edits and comments on manuscripts. Please make sure your manuscript file is a .doc or .docx, and formatted to be double-spaced, and to have 1-inch margins, 12-point font, and page numbers.

2nd Round Editing Review

My current policy for reviewing a manuscript I’ve edited is to charge half the amount of the total rate, using the same calculation from before.

Calculating Review Rate: [Manuscript Word Count] x [(Type(s) of Editing) / 2] = Total

Example: Calculating Review Rate for Developmental + Line + Copyediting

Rate: [80,000 words] x [($0.03 + $0.04 + $0.02) / 2] = $3,600.00

Here’s what other writers have to say about working with me…

Leah’s editing process put me in mind of project management software like Trello. Organized, responsive, and a consummate professional.

I am so happy with the revised edition of The Foreword to Insomnia’s Istanbul. I felt like a new visitor in a story I wrote—many years ago.

The working relationship between writers and editors is a critical and necessary bifurcation. My expectation was for vigorous honesty ladled gingerly . . . I got so much more!

I enjoyed visiting the story from Leah’s [the reader’s] point of view! I saw character motivations and truths through the editor’s gaze—and Leah’s observations and recommendations made sense. We stood on the Galata Bridge—virtually. We connected dots for a story narrated by an unreliable narrator in medias res . . . despite my protestations. We fleshed out the characters so vigorously, by the end of the story the antagonist—a poster child for any social justice movement—is a well-developed and sympathetic villain! 

Honestly, it took time to write the testimonial. I found myself writing to impress my editor. Leah is that good.

She is a writer-editor. We workshopped Istanbul. We revisited space, directions, and intentions: “Are the streetlights on?” “What direction is Asia?” and “Are the quotations meant to indicate innuendo?” It was fun! Every story deserves an editor, and writers need docents. It was an opportunity to sharpen my sword.

 – E Maria Shelton Speller, Author of The Foreword to Insomnia’s Istanbul

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Or, sign up for my free email newsletter for writing and editing tips! It’s also a great way to learn more about me, and the kind of energy I’ll bring to a writer-editor relationship.